In The House Facing South

We are absolutely ecstatic to announce the May 19, 2016 release of our fourth album, In The House Facing South! We recorded this at Battletapes in Nashville with our dear friend Jeremy Ferguson, and were #blessed to have the illustrious AaronTanner of Melodic Virtue (the designer of this very website!) coordinate our album design. We've got a select few your dates we're announcing now, but be sure to check back for more updates as we announce late spring and summer shows! And just wait till you hear what we're writing for the next record. Can't wait to see y'all this spring and summer!


Currently not on tour.


"Equichallenger" (Live at Joyful Noise Records)

"Isis Underfoot" (Live on CATS Raw Shorts)



Kentucky Nightmare is Simon P. Moore on lead vocals and guitar, Chris Brubeck on guitar and vocals, Casey Reuter on bass and vocals, and Kyle Collins on drums and vocals. It all started in the summer of 2004. Simon had a batch of songs and was ready to start fronting a band--or so he thought. The original lineup consisted of Simon along with Evan Farrell on bass and vocals and Ben Fowler on drums. Evan soon left to join Oakland's Rogue Wave, but not until after the band recorded and released their debut CD, There's Vampires In Them Hills! After about a year, Simon and Ben regrouped with Karen Jensen on bass and vocals and David Woodruff on guitar and vocals. This esteemed unit went on to record Take Her Favour and tour the eastern United States. After getting signed to Standard Recording Co., who re-released Take Her Favour, the band continued to do multiple tours through multiple lineup changes. When the touring dust finally settled, all that were left were Simon, Bernard Kincius on bass and vocals, and Tyler Damon on drums. This unit recorded Where Are You Now? with the venerable James Bauman. Before this album could be released, however, Bernard moved to Ann Arbor and was replaced by Greg Simpson, and then Tyler moved on to bigger and better things and was replaced by Kyle Collins. Then, Bernard moved back and re-replaced himself, then quit again. Finally, with the help of Casey and Chris, Kentucky Nightmare is once again a thriving unit of raw power, energy, and beauty. Though we don't all live here, per se, Kentucky Nightmare calls Bloomington, IN home. You should come check it out sometime, it's quite lovely.



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